T3D-007-014 Cable Trunking Tee Transitions 350mm


SKU: T3D-007-014 Trackside 3D

Trackside 3D's Cable Trunking System can be used to route wiring around your layout or used for scenic purposes. All of our trunking systems are scaled down versions of Network Rail RT/E/PS/0013 standards to 1:76.2 scale. The 350mm sizing denotes the full-size prototype interior width of the trough. We recommend the 250mm and 350mm rated systems with 0.64 (22 AWG) wiring or smaller diameter wire when using the system to route wires. It works well for hiding wires to/from the track, as well as signals, detectors and other electronics. Each of our trunking kits includes a scale lid, a single trough tee section (1m scaled down to OO scale), and XL trough lid (this is slightly deeper for easy assembly). 

Note: The image of the lid shows the inside of the lid, the outside side is flat.

This kit has a main trough of 350mm (C1.29 compatible) and branches of either 150mm (C1.8 compatible) or 250mm (C1.10 compatible). These tee junctions can be used to connect C1.29 to C1.8 or C1.29 to C1.10. These are useful for running cabling to signals and other equipment.

Concrete Tee Transitions Cable Trunking Kit includes object files to print:

  • Single C1.32 Concrete Cable Trough Tee (C1.29 to C1.10)
  • Single C1.42 Concrete Cable Trough Tee (C1.29 to C1.8)
  • Two lids for C1.32 (one deep, one scale)
  • Two lids for C1.42 (one deep, one scale)

Type: C1.32 / C1.42 (350mm)

Compatibility: Use with C1.29 straights and C1.30 and C1.31 curves

These can also be used with C1.80 tee troughs.