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Our monthly flat fee subscription service provides subscribers with all our latest 3D models delivered directly to their inbox, early access, exclusive products, along with discounts and other perks.

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Subscribers receive all our latest models!

Early Access to Products

As part of our development process, subscribers gain access to our latest products at a minimum, 5 to 7 days before they are available to the public. These are delivered directly to your inbox while your subscription is active.

Requests and Customization

Every model railway is unique. Trackside 3D gives priority to subscriber requests for new products and customizations. We quickly turn around design changes and custom dimensions requested by our subscribers, at no additional cost.

Discounts and Special Offers

Subscribers have access to special offers and discount codes that can be used with our products and services. This is a great way to gain access to our earlier products without waiting for the drip subscription.

Drip Access to our Library

Active subscribers receive our latest products directly to their inbox. We also provide subscribers with drip access to past products, before they started their subscription. The longer you maintain your subscription, the more of our library you will receive directly to your inbox.

Video Support

Trackside 3D products are featured on our YouTube channel. We offer a free service to subscribers who want more detailed video support. Simply put in the request and we will upload a new video to the channel showing the details you requested.

Exclusive Products

Trackside 3D is working on over 25 different product ranges, including rolling stock, signaling and unique tools. Subscribers gain access to early prototypes and limited edition exclusive versions of our products. You can expect to see several limited editions each year.

Save Half Off Your First Month

Save 50% on your first month

Our monthly subscription program costs US$20 per month, approximately £15 a month depending on the exchange rate. New subscribers receive the first month at a 50% discount. Our 3D models offer great cost savings and our subscription program takes it to a new level. The plan delivers all new models directly to your inbox, early access to upcoming models, priority and discounts on commissioned models. Access to models released prior to your subscription date are delivered over time. Click on the video link for more information or the button below to subscribe now.

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