T3D-028-015 15xx Steam Locomotive Adjustment / Uncoupling Tool

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This tool is designed to adjust the cab window / deflectors on the Rapido Trains UK Class 15xx series of steam locomotives. The tool has two variations, one with a notch and one without a notch. The notch can be used to adjust the cab in both directions.

This tool can also be used to uncouple tension lock couplings, such as those found on Hornby, Tri-ang, Bachmann, Heljan, Dapol and other locomotives / rolling stock. The uncoupling tool is placed under the couplings, gently lift upwards and both pieces of rolling stock are uncoupled.


Recommended Material: PLA or PETG

Dimensions: 94 x 24 x 3 mm

Estimated Print Time: 18 minutes

Estimated Material Usage: 3g / 1.05m

Print Settings
  1. Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  2. Supports Disabled
  3. Build plate Adhesion - skirt
  4. Infill - 100%
  5. Layer Height - 0.15mm to 0.1mm or better
  6. Print model in default position flat