We realize that not every Railway Modeler wants to invest in 3D printing technology. For those with already complete layouts or smaller layouts, the investment doesn't always make sense. We also understand that technology isn't everyone's cup of tea either. Not wanting to make our products exclusive to those with 3D printers or access to 3D printers, we offer a number of options to obtain printed versions of our digital 3D models.


Trackside3D Shapeways Shop

Starting in June 2020, most of our products are available from the Trackside3D Shop over at Shapeways. Simply shop for the items you want and checkout. Shapeways handles the 3D printing and will deliver the printed products directly to you. The 3D models we offer on the Shapeways shop have been optimized to offer the best value for money using the Shapeways service. Shapeways has a minimum base price regardless of how much material you use, as a result, you may find some of our smaller items are only available in packs of multiples and not single items.



MeltWerk is a 3D printing service that will print 3D models for you at reasonable prices. To use MeltWerk, simply purchase and download any of our 3D models in this shop. Unzip the 3D model and upload the STL file to MeltWerk. You can then use MeltWerk to print the 3D objects for your personal use only. Please note that Trackside3D is not responsible for the quality of the prints provided by third party services.