T3D-028-003 14.5mm Back to Back Gauge

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A back to back gauge is designed to help maintain the correct distance / gap between the wheels of freight and passenger rolling stock. This product maintains a gap of 14.5mm when printed at 100% in-fill. Always check the width of the cylindrical piece is 14.5mm either with a digital caliper or a good quality metal ruler. Always check the preview mode in your slicer (shown in green / red in the photo) to make sure the print doesn't fall short or exceed the boundaries of the model (in gray).

Recommended Material: PLA, PETG or Metal-Hybrid PLA (Iron, Steel, etc)

Dimensions: 31.7mm x 8.0mm x 14.5mm

Estimated Print Time: 32 minutes

Estimated Material Usage: 2g / 0.51m

  1. Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  2. Supports Enabled
  3. Build plate Adhesion - Brim (with brim supports if applicable)
  4. Infill - 100%
  5. Layer Height - 0.15mm to 0.1mm or better
  6. Rotate the model so the cylinder is upright (as shown in photo)

Special Notice:

Some newer slicers may give a model warning. This warning can be safely ignored and does not impact the print. The warning is due to a modification in the 3D mesh to support some third party slicers. 

Rotating the model 90 degrees so the cylindrical section is upright eliminates support material inside the cylinder part of the gauge and results in a cleaner print.