The oorail-system is a new digital model railway control system. It is a highly modular system where you can pick and choose which modules you want on your layout. You can use the system to control all aspects of your layout or you can use it to supplement an existing DCC or computer controlled layout.


Its Open Source and completely FREE

The oorail-system is completely FREE to download and is licensed under the GPLv3 Open Source License. Unlike expensive proprietary systems, the oorail-system gives you complete access to the source code and complete access to your train data.

The oorail-system gives you the railway modeller the opportunity to customize the code, build your own modules, contribute code changes back to the project or simply enjoy the system as-is. The goal of the oorail-system project is to not only provide a very affordable state of the art model railway control system but to enable the system to be used as an educational tool for electronic and software engineering, whether you are 13 or 93.


Supporting the Project

If you would like to support the project you can become an early access subscriber. The monthly subscription fee costs $5. For this you will gain early access to the private beta releases that we use for in-house testing each month. These are fully working releases with bug fixes and new features that will be made available in the next public release. This is an opportunity to gain access to the code weeks ahead of everyone else while helping to support the project. If you would like to become an early access subscribe and help push the envelope of innovative Model Railway tech then click here to subscribe.


Learn more about the Project

You can learn more about the project by visiting