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Welcome to the future of Railway Modeling!

Thank you for purchasing from Trackside3D. We appreciate your support and look
forward to catering to your future modeling needs.

Trackside3D products are designed by Railway Modelers for Railway Modelers. The
products we design and develop are the same products we want and use on our own

Unlimited Printing
Authorized purchasers may make unlimited 3D prints for their own personal use
from the 3D model provided in this release. We offer Unlimited printing for
personal use to help make the hobby more affordable, allowing you to invest more
in 3D printing supplies, printer improvements, and model trains.

Always Available Products
One of the many benefits of our service is that our products are always
available and never out of stock. This ensures that you can purchase them when
you need them, not based on a manufacturer's timetable.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainability
3D printing offers several advantages related to sustainability:

1. Printing products on demand reduces waste.
2. No packaging required, eliminating associated waste.
3. Eliminates transport impact since only digital files are transferred.
4. Uses raw materials that can produce many items, ensuring efficient use.
5. Materials like PLA are bio-plastics, not petroleum-based.
6. Options to use eco-friendly resins, reducing environmental impact.

By choosing 3D printing, you're contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sell Your 3D Prints
If you are interested in selling the objects you've printed from our models,
please visit our website,, for details on our trade-pass

The current version of the package can be found in version.txt.

Updates to Trackside3D models are provided when:
1. Improvements to FDM 3D printing technology enable better detailing
2. Fix problems reported with the model
3. Updates to the model based on revised research
4. Updates to the model design due to improvements in Slicer technology

Updates are provided to authorized purchasers who received the model
through direct purchase from Trackside3D.

License Agreement
Trackside3D products are provided as a digital 3D model. Our products are
provided under a License Agreement, similar to digital product licenses.
Find our license agreement in LICENSE.txt or at:
This agreement also applies to the physical object printed from our digital

Trackside3D is using an innovative business model for Railway Modeling items.
Our model aims to reduce traditional manufacturing pains in model railway
creation, striving to make the hobby affordable and leverage 3D printing tech.
Your support in adhering to our licensing agreement helps us compete and
maintain affordable pricing.

3D Printer Support
Our products are designed for consumer grade FDM 3D printers but should also
work with larger bed SLA and MSLA printers. We test on:

Creality Ender 3
Creality Ender 3 v2
Creality Ender 5
Creality CR-10 / CR-10 S5
JG Maker (formerly JG Aurora) A1, A5, and Z603S
FLsun Super Racer
FLsun V400
Voxelabs Aquila
Sovol SV06
Anycubic Photon
Anycubic Photon S
Anycubic Mono X
Elegoo Saturn 2

Slicing Software
We recommend Cura and Prusa Slicer for slicing our models. Find Prusa Slicer at:

Stay Updated with oorail on YouTube
For videos on 3D printing, best print practices, and upcoming developments,
check out our YouTube page at
Especially this oorail playlist on 3D printing:

Help with 3D Printing
The following YouTube channels provide high-quality tutorials, excellent for
learning about 3D printing, troubleshooting, upgrades, and reviews:



Design Services
We offer modification and new product design services. If there's something
you'd like but we don't have it yet, contact us:

UK Phone: 020 3026 2324
US Phone: +1-859-667-2450