Our monthly rewards subscription programme delivers a steady stream of models to your inbox every month. The programme rewards you for your loyalty, while new subscribers enjoy great products, the longer you remain subscribed to the programme, the better the perks get! It is our way of rewarding you for joining our model railway 3D printing revolution! The sooner you subscribe, the sooner you will unlock exclusive benefits!

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What to expect

The subscription fee costs $20 per month. When you start your subscription you will receive an email with links to download several models. You can download these and 3D print them for your own personal use as much as you'd like. Throughout the first month you will receive more emails, with more products. Each month you are actively subscribed, you will receive emails with more download links for more Trackside3D products. The products can come from any of our 3D printable model product lines. Each month the selection comes from a variety of different product lines. Some of our products are multi-part kits, if you receive part of a kit in month two, you will receive the next part later in month two or in month three. The value of the products received each month will exceed your subscription fee. 


How it works

You pay the monthly subscription fee and you will receive an email with download links. You click on the link and download the product to your computer. You can 3D print that model as often as you like for personal use under the terms of our normal licensing. While you have an active subscription, those files will be available to you. 

Products are delivered based on how long you have been a subscriber. When you have been a subscriber for two months, you will receive the products for two month subscribers and so on. If you have been subscribed to the programme for a year, and we added a product for two month subscribers, that product will become accessible to you provided you still have an active subscription.

The longer you subscribe, the more products you have access to and the more perks you unlock. However, if you unsubscribe you no longer have access to the files. If you decide to subscribe again in the future, the clock is reset and you start again from square one. That means you will end up with the same products that you did at month one, plus any extra ones we added at the first month level since you had previously subscribed. 

This programme pays to stay a subscriber!



The programme does not permit any exchanges however there are big rewards for subscribers on the anniversary of their active subscription. So even if you are unhappy with the selection of models you receive for a given month, it pays to keep your subscription.


New Products

When Trackside3D releases new products, those products are added to this Reward Subscription programme at specific month intervals. New products might get added at month two or three, or possibly month eighteen depending on the products. Our product development team evaluates where products should be placed in the programme as part of our release process.

If a new product is added at an earlier month level you will receive it immediately. For example, if you are a nine month subscriber and a new product is added at month four, you will receive the product immediately.


Product Updates

Active subscribers will receive product updates. When we update a product, we replace the product file, an active subscriber simply needs to download the file again to receive the updated version.


Exclusive Products

From time to time we add special editions and variants of products only available to our subscribers. A special thank you for supporting the project. These exclusive products won't be found anywhere else and can be proudly displayed on your layout. 


Annual Perks

We feel that your on-going support to our 3D printing revolution should be rewarded. Once a year you will receive a BIG REWARD on the anniversary of your subscription. Annual perks include unlocking access to our bigger rolling stock projects and premium product lines. As a thank you, each subscriber who hits the annual mark will receive a personalized email and a special gift card or discount code. This allows you to pick additional models you may have wanted that didn't come as part of your monthly downloads.


How to subscribe

Ready to embark on your 3D printing journey? Our rewards subscription programme offers one of the best values for money in the Model Railway industry. Simply click here to subscribe now!