T3D-001-005 Concrete Hardstanding Centre Strip Kit for Peco SL-100


SKU: T3D-001-005 Trackside 3D

The Concrete hardstanding centre strip kit is designed for Peco SL-100 (Wooden Sleeper type). The kit is an easy way to create realistic hardstanding between the rails for motive power depots (railway depots), maintenance yards, engine sheds, distribution depots etc. The kit is designed to sit on top of Peco SL-100 wooden sleepers and minimize the gap between the hardstanding and the rail for a very realistic yet functional look. 

The kit comes with straight sections in 50mm, 100mm, 200mm and 280mm lengths.

This kit works really well with concrete / cement textured PLA.

This kit has been tested with modern coaching and loco stock such as Hornby HST Mk3 coaches and Oxford Rail Mk3A coaches. Older stock with wider wheel flanges may require additional trimming with a craft knife.

When loaded into Cura or another slicer, the model will default to the correct position for printing (upside down, with the upper wider part closest to the base). When printed, you would remove the brim and install on your layout with the narrow piece against the sleepers.