T3D-002-005 Location Case Equipment 1


SKU: T3D-002-005 Trackside 3D

This product contains one set of three models that are designed to be used with the open location case / relay case products from Trackside 3D. Like our other products, these are designed to be mixed and matched for a unique look and feel.

The top equipment rack contains seven mounted relays and cable trunking. The middle equipment rack contains some signaling equipment, relays and cable trunking. The bottom equipment rack contains power equipment and a battery for backup.

This product is designed for use with T3D-002-004.

The equipment details are designed to slide directly into the open relay cases supplied with T3D-002-004. 

Design Considerations: This equipment is suitable for use in a location case next to signals or point machines. It could be used on branch lines or heritage lines as well.