T3D-002-008 Greenfield Station Retaining Walls

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This station retaining wall kit contains six different simple wall configurations. This kit was inspired by the station walls at Greenfield railway station. Greenfield railway station is located on the Huddersfield Line in the village of Greenfield, Greater Manchester. Greenfield station is the final station in Greater Manchester before the West Yorkshire boundary. The station opened on Wednesday August 1st 1849. 

The retaining wall kit is designed to act as a boundary between the back scene and a railway station on your layout. We recommend using blu-tac or similar brand of poster putty to attach the retaining walls to your back scene. The retaining walls have a smooth surface and any texture paper can be spray-glued to the final print. We recommend painting the capping a cement or aged-concrete colour and adding weathering powders as needed. If you are looking to achieve the look and feel of Greenfield railway station, we recommend using an ashlar or random ashlar texture paper.

The retaining wall kit includes walls at 100mm, 90mm, 80mm and 70mm heights. This enables you to create the desired stepped effect. The walls are 8mm thick and the capping is 12mm. The capping is flush with the wall on one edge as the kit was designed to be placed against a back scene. This kit was originally designed for a medium station area on the oorail layout to create a scenic break between the station and the back scene. 

This kit requires a printable bed area of 250mm in either the X or Y direction if you wish to achieve the stepped effect. The walls should be printed flat but they can also be printed upside down. Please check the specifications tab for all the dimensions.


  • 250mm x 100mm x 8mm
  • 250mm x 90mm x 8mm
  • 250mm x 80mm x 8mm
  • 250mm x 70mm x 8mm
  • 143mm x 70mm x 8mm
  • 69mm x 70mm x 8mm

Note: Each wall contains integrated capping which is flush with the back of the wall and is 12mm in width. The capping is 4mm high and extends 4mm out from the wall. The walls were originally designed for use with ashlar texture paper, therefore the capping is slightly larger than a standard brick wall.


Materials: PLA, PETG or Textured PLA (if painting)

  1. Trackside3D Medium Object Profile
  2. Supports disabled
  3. Build plate adhesion - large brim to avoid warping of print
  4. Recommend printing flat with the capping facing upwards
  5. Infill >= 40%, recommend higher values for stronger walls
  6. Layer height - between 0.1mm and 0.3mm, higher values can reduce integrity
  7. Printing on glass will create a glossy / super smooth finish on one side