T3D-008-003 Railwayside Terrace - Low Relief House (Rear) Base Left-End

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This is the base for the first house in a row of low relief terrace houses (rear). It is designed to work with 008-000, 008-001 and 008-002. Railwayside Terrace houses are designed to be installed left to right. This base comes with three object files, one without any offset, one with the center wall offset at 1.25mm and one with the center wall offset at 2.5mm. This allows you to choose how you want the house to line up with the garden walls. This base features an entrance on the side wall (left) and a rear entrance. The entrances can be detailed with any of our gate door products in the Building Accessories Series (006), the gate doors for this product are size 001.

This base is designed to connect to a middle / center base (eg. 008-004 or 008-005). We recommend using blue tack or tacky wax to assemble the components after 3D printing before gluing them in place.

Approximate Dimensions (vary depending on print settings): 88x132.5x32 mm

Print time (at 30mm/sec): 5 hours, 57 minutes

Recommended Material: PLA

Material Usage: 25.54m (~76g)

  1. Trackside3D Medium Object Profile
  2. Support Material - Enabled
  3. Build plate adhesion - brim
  4. Infill >= 30%
  5. Layer height - 0.2mm to 0.3mm

Print considerations: This product should be printed with support material enabled. A minimum of 30% in-fill is recommended and default PLA heated bed settings to prevent warping of the base.