T3D-024-000 Two Arch Single Track Viaduct

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A simple single track two arch viaduct products a print, approximately 248mm in length, 70mm in width and 88mm in height. The arches are 96mm at their widest point and approximately 74mm high. Viaduct module can be used standalone as small viaduct or printed multiple times for larger structures. The resulting structure is very robust and can easily self-support a single track. This is designed to be used with other Trackside 3D detailing products (walls, buttresses, etc).

Approximate Dimensions (can vary based on print settings): 248x70x88mm

Print time (at 30mm/sec): 23 hours 30 minutes

Recommended Material: PLA or Textured PLA (Brick / Cement)

Material Usage: 113.08 m (~337g)

Print Considerations: This product is designed and optimized for 3D printing without needing support material. This speeds up printing time and reduces the amount of material used. The product should be printed upside down by rotating it 180 degrees in your 3D printing software, with support material turned off. 

  1. Trackside3D Large Object Profile
  2. Print Upside down (flat side on bed, arches pointing up, like uu)
  3. Support Material Disabled
  4. Build Adhesion Brim - larger brim recommended
  5. Infill density >= 30% - higher value results in stronger viaduct
  6. Layer Height can be 0.15mm - 0.2mm