T3D-044-004 Straight Pavement Base P0 W29mm L150mm with Flush Edge

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Assembly Way: Straight Pavement Base Module (P0 W29mm-L150mm)

Product code: 044-003

Enhance your cityscape with a crucial touch of realism brought by the Assembly Way Straight Pavement Base Module. As an integral component of our modular road system, this pavement base module extends the versatility of your layout, enabling the addition of pavements, promenades, and pedestrian zones alongside your streets.

Key Aspects:

  • Universal Connection: Showcasing its versatile design, this module can be connected to either side of the road base, thanks to its universal connection system. Whether you're aiming to add a pavement on the left or the right, or even a sidewalk for international setups, this single model effortlessly accommodates.

  • Flush Sided with Connectors: This module doesn't just stop at pavements. Its connectors on one side and flush edge on the other, allow for diverse configurations. Attach it to a road base on one side or choose from building foundation bases, another road section, and install it up against track, existing buildings or anything requiring a flush edge. It's designed to offer flexibility in building complex street layouts.

  • Solid Foundation: This serves as the foundational layer for your pavement. Built to support additional components, it paves the way for you to craft the perfect pavement surface, capturing the true ambiance of urban streets.

  • Complete Integration: As part of the Assembly Way modular system, this pavement base module ensures smooth compatibility and effortless integration with other products in the lineup.

With the Assembly Way Straight Pavement Base Module, your city layouts move closer to reflecting real-life urban intricacies. Dive into urban planning and design streets brimming with character and authenticity.

This module is designed to be used with our Pavement Connectors such as T3D-044-017 and T3D-044-018.

Approximate Dimensions: 75mm x 150mm

Recommended Material: PLA

  1. Trackside3D Large Object Profile
  2. Tree Supports Enabled (adjust XY distance and Z distance as needed)
  3. Build plate adhesion brim
  4. Infill >= 20%
  5. Layer height - Between 0.15mm and 0.2mm
  6. Print flat

Print considerations: This product does not require support material and can be printed at 0.2mm layer height. It should be orientated face down.

Finishing: This product is a base product and won't be directly visible on your layout.