T3D-045-000 5ft Brick Wall

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This model produces a thin 5 foot high (in OO scale) brick wall. The wall is 200mm long and should print on most 3D printers. There are several options for producing a finished wall. The print will be flexible and can be easily formed around curves. Two walls can be printed and glued back to back after finishing.

One option is to print on a desired colour (such as Brick Red), then paint with a white acrylic paint getting into the mortar lines, then wipe excess white paint on the brickwork with a damp cloth.

  • Print on Hatchbox3D Magic Stone - Brick Red
  • Print on Hatchbox3D Matte - Terracotta


Alternatively you can print on a white or near-white filament, then dry brush the desired brick colour onto the finished print.

  • Print on Hatchbox3D Magic Stone - Black (white with black specks)
  • Print on Hatchbox3D Magic Stone - Granite
  • Print on any PLA or PETA - White

Recommended Material: PLA or PETG

Dimensions: 200 x 21 x 1.5 (mm)

Estimated Material Usage: 14g



  • Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  • Supports Disabled
  • Build plate Adhesion - skirt or brim
  • Infill - >= 20%
  • Layer Height - 0.2mm or better
  • Print model in a flat position