Trackside3D Personal License Agreement

Version 1.0.3

A copy of this license can be found at:

This Agreement governs the use of 3D models purchased from Trackside3D. By downloading or using these digital files, you are agreeing to abide by the terms below.

1. Definitions:
- Provider: IdeaPier LLC
- 3D Object Data: STL file(s), G-Code file(s), or other 3D Object file(s).
- Physical Object: An item 3D printed from the 3D Object Data.

2. License:
- The Provider grants the buyer a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license for personal use of the 3D Object Data. This license does not permit commercial use.
- Personal use is defined as using the 3D Object Data to produce Physical Objects for individual Model Railway Layouts, Dioramas, or Exhibition Layouts.

3. Restrictions:
- You may not sell, redistribute, or share the 3D Object Data in any form.
- You may not use the 3D Object Data for commercial purposes, advertising, or in any service where it's accessible to third parties.
- Physical Objects made from the 3D Object Data are for personal use only and cannot be sold or used commercially.
- Reverse engineering, disassembling, or analyzing the 3D Object Data or Physical Objects for design extraction is prohibited.
- Any online display of the Physical Objects must credit Trackside3D as the source and link back to Trackside 3D's website.

4. Third-Party Printing Services:
- You may use private third-party services to print the 3D Object Data, but they may not retain or use the data. You are responsible for any unauthorized use by them.

5. Ownership & Warranty:
- All rights to the 3D Object Data remain exclusively with the Provider.
- The 3D Object Data is provided "as is" without any warranties. The Provider is not liable for damages arising from its use.
- You are responsible for unauthorized distribution due to theft, breaches, or mishandling.

6. Jurisdiction:
- Disputes under this license shall be under the jurisdiction of Athens County Municipal Court, Ohio, USA.

7. Trademarks:
- No permission is granted to use any of the Provider's trademarks.


For inquiries or commercial licensing of the physical object, please refer to:

UK Phone: 020 3026 2324
US Phone: +1-859-667-2450
Address: IdeaPier LLC, 4820 Fisher Road, Athens, OH 45701, USA