T3D-001-003 Inclined Track Bed Support - Long


SKU: T3D-001-003 Trackside 3D

This 3D model produces a long inclined track bed, approximately 260mm long and 34mm wide. These are designed to be 3D printed upside down to eliminate the need for support material. The pegs are designed to be inserted into scenic material such as plaster, plaster-cloth, polystyrene, foam etc. They are designed to provide a flat and solid support to install track on uneven scenic surfaces such as cliffs, hills, mountains etc. At 40% in-fill the pegs are strong enough to be inserted into foam, polystyrene and other soft materials. Recommend using a small screw driver to pierce harder materials such as plaster. The track bed support is designed to be pushed into the material, the grade of the incline adjusted and then glued in place with PVA glue. There is a shorter version of this product available as T3D-001-002.