T3D-002-007 - Sloped Catchpit with bar type grate

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This model creates a sloped bar type grate and catchpit for lineside drainage.

This model is based off the older bar grate style catchpits which you can still see on the railway network today. If you are modeling present day railways you could also use the blue mesh style catchpits instead. 

This bar type grate is a good option even for modern layouts as it enables you to run a wider range of stock covering a longer period of time without looking out of place.

Design Considerations: These catchpits were used extensively throughout the UK, particularly during British Rail eras. 

Print Dimensions:

  • 16mm x 12mm x 2mm (catchpit)
  • Estimated Print time (at 30mm/sec):
  • 9 minutes (catchpit)
  • Recommended Material: PLA

Material Usage: 

  • < 1g / 0.07m (grate)
  • 1g / 0.21m (catchpit)
  • < 1g / 0.12m (catchpit)



  1. Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  2. No Supports
  3. Build Plate adhesion skirt or disabled
  4. Infill Density 30% or higher
  5. Layer Height 0.12mm or less