T3D-007-004 Cable Trunking 190mm C1.9

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Trackside 3D's Cable Trunking System can be used to route wiring around your layout or used for scenic purposes. All of our trunking systems are scaled down versions of Network Rail RT/E/PS/0013 standards to 1:76.2 scale. The 190mm sizing denotes the full-size prototype interior width of the trough. We recommend the 250mm and 350mm rated systems with 0.64 (22 AWG) wiring or smaller diameter wire when using the system to route wires. It works well for hiding wires to/from the track, as well as signals, detectors and other electronics. Each of our trunking kits includes a scale lid, a single trough section (1m scaled down to OO scale), and a 10x trough section (this is equivalent to 10m of cable trough on the real full sized railway). We have additional products that provide cable routing holes in single trough sections and low-profile lids which allow for added wire capacity.

C1.9 190mm Concrete Cable Trunking Kit includes object files to print:

  • Single C1.9 Concrete Cable Trough
  • 10x section of C1.9 Concrete Cable Trough
  • Single C1.9 Concrete Cable Trough Lid

Type: C1.9 (190mm)

C1.9 Trunking:

  • Single Base: 13,1mm x 3.7mm x 2.2mm
  • 10x Base: 131.2mm x 3.7mm x 2.2mm
  • Lid: 13.1mm x 3.7mm x 1.6mm

Recommended Material: PLA or Cement textured PLA

 3D Printed Component Print time (30mm/sec) Material Used
Single C1.9 Trough 3 minutes 0.04m (<1g)
Single C1.9 Lid 2 minutes 0.04m (<1g)
C1.9 10m section 16 minutes 0.31m (~1g)


  1. Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  2. Supports Disabled
  3. Build Plate Adhesion - skirt, brim or none (recommend: skirt)
  4. Infill >= 60% (recommend: 100%)
  5. Layer Height between 0.1mm and 0.12mm (or better)