T3D-020-001 Village House

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This 3D model produces the shell of a two story small village house. The printed model can be used by itself or combined with our series of foundation bases (see product range 044) to create a village or street scene. This version of the model modular, with no interior walls or external front / rear walls. This product is designed to be used with our Trackside 3D Mix n Match building details. The door, window and chimney stacks from out Building Accessories series (006) can be mixed and matched with this product to create a unique look. This product is compatible with all T3D-020 VH series floor plan inserts and all T3D-020 VH series exterior walls (coming soon).

Approximate Dimensions (vary based on print settings): 50 x 103 x 91mm

Print time: 1 hour (depending on printer)

Recommended Material: PLA

Material Usage: 11m (~33g)

  1. Trackside3D Large Object Profile
  2. Tree Supports Enabled (adjust XY distance and Z distance as needed)
  3. Build plate adhesion brim
  4. Infill >= 20%
  5. Layer height - Between 0.15mm and 0.2mm
  6. Print sideways

Print considerations: This product must be printed with support material, care must be taken when removing support material from around window and door openings to prevent damage. 

Finishing: This product can be painted or wrapped with texture sheets for the desired look and feel.