T3D-028-018 Locomotive Servicing Cradle

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Introducing our bespoke Locomotive Servicing Cradle 3D model, tailored for the discerning British model railway enthusiast. Designed to securely hold and maintain a variety of OO gauge locomotives, this cradle is an essential tool for both routine upkeep and detailed customisation. Crafted with precision, it ensures your cherished locos are supported safely during servicing. Easy to 3D print and assemble, it's a must-have for every modeller looking to add a professional touch to their railway maintenance routine

This model is 240mm long, there is a shorter 200mm version available for smaller printers. Foam or another soft padding material can be used. Alternatively if you have a printer capable of printing with TPU, we have inserts designed for use with TPU.

Recommended Material: PLA or PETG

Dimensions: 240 x 133 x 67 (mm)

Estimated Material Usage: 250g



  • Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  • Supports Disabled
  • Build plate Adhesion - skirt
  • Infill - 20%
  • Layer Height - 0.2mm
  • Print model in default position flat