T3D-028-020 Servicing Cradle Inserts - Pack A

Trackside 3D

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This pack provides the core inserts for both the 240mm (T3D-028-018) and the 200mm (T3D-028-019) locomotive servicing cradles. These are designed to be printed with TPU. We recommend using Hatchbox3D TPU. This pack also includes a smaller set of inserts designed to fit inside the core inserts to provide a tighter hold on locomotives. Typically you will need to print 4 to 5 of the core inserts and at least 2 of the smaller inserts. These need to be printed at 20mm/sec if you are new to TPU.

Recommended Material: TPU

Dimensions: 40 x 52 x 45 (mm)

Estimated Material Usage: 14g



  • Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  • Supports Disabled
  • Build plate Adhesion - skirt
  • Infill - 2%
  • Layer Height - 0.2mm
  • 20mm/sec speed
  • Print model in default position flat