T3D-030-000 40' Container

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This model is the first in our new container series. This model produces a 40' container. The top of the container is smooth and should be printed smooth side down. The model features rear door details, including hinges. The base has support beam details, iso connections and the sides feature a ribbed effect. This model is based off the 40' British Rail Freightliner containers often seen with FFA wagons. The model is designed to print on consumer grade FDM printers, such as the Creality Ender 3 and Ender 5. This model offers considerable cost savings, especially if you are looking to model a container yard or want additional 40' containers for FFA or similar freight rolling stock.

No assembly required! This model produces a ready to use 40' container for your layout. You can paint / decorate / weather it as you see fit with your favorite paints and weathering powders. 

This model has printed flawlessly on all of our consumer grade FDM printers including the Ender 3, Ender 5, CR-10 and JG Aurora A5. The design is optimized for 3D printing and leverages how the 3D printer works to achieve the extra detailing. The model also leverages how support material is sliced to produce a single piece object. The design when used with a good quality material should not have readily visible layer lines. 

This model can be printed with colour PLA or PETG to the desired final colour. It can also be printed, then painted and weathered appropriately. For interesting effects this model can be printed with Metal-Hybrid PLA (such as Proto Pasta Composite Iron PLA) and oxidized to produce a natural rusting sea-weathered look.

A single 1kg spool of PLA will print 20 containers and like all of our models, you buy once and have unlimited prints for your own personal use. 

Dimensions: 121.4mm x 32.8mm x 32.8mm

Recommended Material: PLA, PETG or Metal-Hybrid PLA

Estimated Print Time: Between 5 hours and 11.5 hours (depending on settings)

Estimated Material Usage: 49g / 16.51m

  1. Recommend Medium Object Profile
  2. Support Material Enabled - Adjust as needed for print time vs strength
  3. Build Plate Adhesion - Brim (larger brim recommended)
  4. Infill >= 80%
  5. Layer Height 0.1mm (or best available)
  6. Model will load upside down (smooth side facing down) - print this way


  • Make sure the model prints smooth side down
  • Check the preview to make sure support material isn't too much
  • No support material should appear on the ribbed sides
  • No support material should appear on the door details
  • Print on a glass service for a gloss smooth effect
  • Great for printing with different colour PLA - blue, red, green etc.
  • Adjust support Z distance if the top layer isn't perfectly even
  • The gap between the doors and roof is support material. It can be removed with a small modelling flat screwdriver or left as is.