T3D-032-001 Concrete Bollards

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Standard Concrete Bollard. These bollards are the standard 915mm bollard height.

The bollards can be printed in concrete or stone textured PLA or you can try some of the magic stone PLA for some extra effects.


  • Standard Bollard - 3.1mm x 3.1mm x 13mm

Recommended Material: PLA, PETG or reflective PLA

Estimated Print Times:

  • Standard Bollard - 1 minute

Note: Printing multiple bollards will add about 1 minute per 2 bollards to the print time. This will vary based on your settings and how you space the cones on the bed.

Estimated Material Usage:

  • Bollard  <= 1g / 0.03m
  1. Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  2. Support Material Disabled
  3. Build Plate adhesion - none
  4. Infill >= 50%
  5. Layer Height - 0.2 - 0.1mm (best available)


You can print multiple bollards at once. When printing multiple bollards at once, we recommend placing the bollard in the center of the square in your slicer (as shown in the picture). We also recommend enabling retraction and adjusting the settings appropriately for your printer / material to avoid stringing.