T3D-033-001 Half-door style 650cu ft trailer top

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This pack is an add-on pack for T3D-033-000 650cu ft Mail Trailer. This pack contains two alternative style tops to replace the full door version in the original pack. Both tops are half-door style - one with the doors open and one with the doors closed. Simply print off T3D-033-000 except for the trailer top and drop one of these in its place. This allows you to create a variety of mail trailers at a sorting office or as often seen at a railway station. 

Recommended Material: PLA or PETG


  • Closed: 79.5mm x 33.5mm x 28.5mm
  • Open: 79.5mm x 34mm x 28.4mm

Estimated Print Time:

  • Closed: 4 hours 36 minutes
  • Open: 4 hours 58 minutes

Estimated Material Usage:

  • Closed: 20g / 6.64m
  • Open: 19g / 6.42m

As with T3D-033-000, we recommend using either red PLA or priming then painting the print after it has cooled.

  1. Trackside3D Small or Medium sized object profile
  2. Support Material Enabled (optional)
  3. Build Plate Adhesion - Brim (larger than usual recommended)
  4. Infill >= 60%
  5. Layer Height - Between 0.12mm and 0.2mm

Please note:

You need T3D-033-000 to complete the model. The trailer base (with wheels), trailer roof, trailer stand wheels and trailer stand details are needed from T3D-033-000 to assemble this model.