T3D-097-000 British Rail 2023 Coasters

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British Rail 2023 Coasters

Product Code: 097-000

Product Overview:

Embark on a nostalgic journey with our exclusive British Rail Heritage Coaster Collection! This meticulously crafted set of digital STL downloads allows you to 3D print your own set of coasters, each celebrating a different region of Britain's iconic rail network. Perfect for railway enthusiasts and history buffs, these coasters add a touch of class and heritage to your home or office.

Product Features:

  • High-Quality STL Files: Ready for 3D printing, compatible with most 3D printers.
  • Variety of Designs: Each coaster design represents a unique aspect of British Rail's regional divisions.
  • Standard and Special Edition Sizes: Most coasters are 88mm in diameter, ideal for all cup sizes. The special 1Q23 edition boasts a larger 103mm diameter for added presence.
  • Durable and Functional: Designed to be printed in your choice of material, from PLA to wood-infused filaments, ensuring longevity and practicality.
  • Easy to Print: Suitable for 3D printing enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Collection Includes:

  • 2O23 - Southern Edition (88mm): Celebrate the South of England with this elegant design.
  • IV23 (88mm): A tribute to the industrious spirit of Britain's rail network.
  • 3E23 - Eastern Edition (88mm): Honouring the Eastern region's railway heritage.
  • 6M23 - Midland Edition (88mm): A nod to the Midland region's rich railway history.
  • 1Z23 (88mm): A sleek and timeless design for any railway aficionado.
  • 9S23 - Scotland Edition (88mm): Embrace the charm of Scotland's railways.
  • 1Q23 - Special Edition (103mm): A grander version, paying homage to the expansive network of British Rail.

Product Details:

  • File Format: STL
  • License: Personal use only. Not for commercial reproduction.
  • Download Requirements: Stable internet connection for downloading files.

How to Use:

  1. Purchase and download the STL files.
  2. Load the file into your 3D printer's software.
  3. Choose your preferred material and print settings.
  4. Print your own British Rail Heritage Coaster.
  5. Enjoy a piece of history with your favorite beverage!


  • This is a digital product; no physical item will be shipped.
  • 3D printer and materials are not included.

Celebrate Britain's Rail History in Style!

Approximate Dimensions: 88mm diameter x 10mm high, larger 1Q23 coaster is 103mm diameter x 10mm high.

Recommended Material: PLA

  1. Trackside3D Large Object Profile
  2. No Supports
  3. Build plate adhesion skirt (unless otherwise needed)
  4. Infill >= 15%
  5. Layer height - Between 0.15mm and 0.2mm
  6. Print flat

Print considerations: This product does not require support material and can be printed at 0.2mm layer height. 

Finishing: Recommend printing product in the final finish / colour material you desire. Photos show product printed with Magic Stone Black Hatchbox Filament