T3D-099-000 Uncoupling Tool Blender Kit

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This kit provides our T3D-028-010 Uncoupling Tool for Tension Lock couplings in STL format, as well as the Blender files to learn 3D modeling and edit the file. This kit is designed to be used with the following video from YouTube:


This tool is used to uncouple tension lock couplings, such as those found on Hornby, Tri-ang, Bachmann, Heljan, Dapol and other locomotives / rolling stock. The uncoupling tool is placed under the couplings, gently lift upwards and both pieces of rolling stock are uncoupled.

This kit contains:

  • Blender files both joined and not-joined
  • Blender files for small, standard, large and large with text objects
  • STL files supplied in T3D-028-010
  • README file with additional links and information

 If you just want the uncoupling tool, purchase T3D-028-010.


Recommended Material: PLA or PETG

Dimensions: 68.3 x 21 x 20.7 mm

Estimated Print Time: 56 minutes

Estimated Material Usage: 3g / 1.05m

Print Settings
  1. Trackside3D Small Object Profile
  2. Supports Enabled
  3. Build plate Adhesion - Brim (with brim supports if applicable)
  4. Infill - 100%
  5. Layer Height - 0.15mm to 0.1mm or better
  6. Print model in default position with end at 45 degrees (as shown in photo)